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The Bright Area Business Association provides networking for businesses in or near the Southeastern Indiana communities of Bright, Hidden Valley and Logan, and Harrison, Ohio. There are numerous small businesses in the Bright, Indiana area and the organization provides a method for sharing resources and information. Guests are always welcome to attend the meetings.

Meeting dates and locations have changed! Future meeting will be held on the 2nd Friday of the month at various locations and members can check the web site to find the location of the month.

Check out the News  section for updates! Members may post announcements in the “News” section by emailing the information to Bebe at

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Revised Bylaws

Members of BABA had the opportunity to review the proposed Bylaws and make suggestions for revisions. The committee embraced the recommendations and revised the document as outlined in the December Bylaws Changes below.  The committee will continue to meet and make additional recommendations for Bylaws revisions and establishment of standard operating procedures.  Members are asked to review the proposed Bylaws and vote on the adoption of these Bylaws.  Click to download or scroll down to review the text below. Proposed-Bylaws-DRAFT-12-31-2016-corrected  Typo corrected 1-11-2017 Proposed-Bylaws-DRAFT-12-31-2016   DecemberBylawChanges Unformated version of the Bylaws DRAFT 12-31-2016 Proposed-Bylaws-DRAFT-12-31-2016.docx page 1 of 6 Bylaws Bright Area Business Association, Inc. To further the purposes set forth herein, the members agree to be, and hereby are, organized under the provisions of the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1991. ARTICLE I – THE ORGANIZATION 1.0 Name of Association The name of this Association shall be: Bight Area Business Association, Inc., hereafter referred to as the Association 2.0 Purposes The purposes for which the Association is formed are: To promote the commerce, welfare, and development of Bright, Indiana and the surrounding community. To carry on such other business as may be necessary or convenient or desirable to accomplish the above purposes and to do all things and for all purposes for which a nonprofit corporation may be organized in the state of Indiana and not repugnant to the laws thereof. The activities of the Association shall be held and maintained in the spirit of these purposes. 3.0 Powers The Association shall have all the powers necessary to provide activities to conduct its purposes including, but not limited to, the... read more