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The Bright Area Business Association provides networking for businesses in or near the Southeastern Indiana communities of Bright, Hidden Valley and Logan, and Harrison, Ohio. There are numerous small businesses in the Bright, Indiana area and the organization provides a method for sharing resources and information. Guests are always welcome to attend the meetings.

Meeting dates and locations have changed! Future meeting will be held on the 2nd Friday of the month at various locations and members can check the web site to find the location of the month.

Check out the News  section for updates! Members may post announcements in the “News” section by emailing the information to Bebe at

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BABA Minutes from January 13, 2017

Bright Area Business Association Minutes from January 13, 2017 Bebe Kinnett opened the meeting with the pledge to the American Flag.  Everyone in attendance introduced themselves and their business in turn.  We had 5 guests in attendance.  Minutes from the last meeting were approved. Speaker Therese Copeland from Ivy Tech was very informative about her role with Ivy Tech as Executive Director of Resource Development.  She focuses on building relationships for Ivy Tech within communities in the southeast counties of Indiana.  She has been with Ivy Tech for 8 years. Committee Reports Committee Chair Dan Hawkins presented the newly formed bylaws for approval.  Jim Kinnett made the motion to approve and 2nd by Doris Gibbons.  Motion approved.  The Bylaws Committee will be a standing committee to meet quarterly.  President Bebe Kinnett thanked the group for their due diligence and hard work to get the job done in a timely manner.  Discussion followed about changing the term “Leadership Team” to “Board of Directors” in the bylaws.  Doris Gibbons made the motion for that change, 2nd by Jim Kinnett.  Motion approved.  See attached Bylaws. The recently awarded Lauren Hill Award will be at different retail locations in the area.  Bebe Kinnett recommended that we have a stand made to keep the award secure and protected.  Recommendation was unanimously approved.  Waltz Woodworking will make the stand. Two proposals for the Liability insurance were reviewed.  The lower bid with the best coverage was Gibbons Insurance.  Gibbons Insurance is a member of BABA.  The Board will move forward with that. Vice President Lori Enright will create a marketing survey for the membership to help... read more