Absolute Web Designs

Contact: Bebe Kinnett
Work 23603 Blue Ridge Drive Lawrenceburg IN 47025 USA Work Phone: 812-637-3074 Website: Absolute Web Designs


Contact: Greg Gronwall
Cell Phone: 513-235-7353 Work Phone: 812-537-2215 Website: My ACN On-Line Store
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At The Barn Winery

Contact: Debby & Don Stutz
Work 4152 North Dearborn Rd. Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 513-519-8745

Beacon News, Inc.

Contact: Tamara Taylor
Work 24486 Stateline Rd. Suite F Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work PO Box 4022 Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-637-0660 Website:

Beyond Cyber Concepts

Contact: Mark Lutz
Work 24448 State Line Rd Lawrenceburg IN 47025 United States Work Phone: 812-637-3588

Blue Horizons Marine Canvas & Upholstery, LLC

Contact: Chris Taylor
Home 5656 Berkshire Dr. Guilford Indiana 47022 USA Cell Phone: 513-235-6246

Bright 4 Seasons Landscaping & Nursery

Work 24606 Stateline Rd Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-637-3717

Bright Family Eye Care

Contact: Samantha Hornberger, O.D.
Work 24173 Stateline Rd, Suite 200 Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-637-1300 Cell Phone: 812-584-1359 Website: Bright Family Eye Care

Bright Farmer’s Market

Contact: Linda Thaler
Home 8184 Leatherwood Rd. Guliford IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-623-8185

Bright Fire & EMS

Work Salt Fork Road Bright IN 47025 Website:

Bright Firearms Training Center (B.F.T.C.)

Contact: David Phillips
Home 23995 Stateline Rd. Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Home Phone: 513-406-7516

Bright Lions

Contact: Art Little
Work 22297 State Line Road Bright IN 47025 United States Work Phone: 812-637-1258

Bright Veterinary Clinic

Work 24505 Stateline Rd Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-637-1345

CalCommIndiana LLC

Contact: Celeste Calvitto
Work 311 Walnut St., Suite 202 Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 Work Phone: 812-290-2196

Casey’s Outdoor Solutions & Florist

Contact: Casey Knigga
Work 21481 State Line Road Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-537-3800 Website:

Chrysalis Health Care Inc.

Contact: Diane Mary Seiwert
Cell Phone: 513-919-0770 Work Phone: 503-541-4111
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Cincinnatus Savings and Loan

Harrison Branch Contact: Liz House
Home 1100 Harrison Ave Harrison OH 45030 Work Phone: 513-367-5555 Website:

Cindy Nixon Health

Contact: Cindy Nixon
Work 1111 Stone Drive Harrison OH 45030 Cell Phone: 513-907-4467 Website: Cindy Nixon Health

Cornerstone Realty, Inc.

Work 24448 Stateline Rd Lawrenceburg IN 47025 Work Phone: 812-637-2220 Website:

Crosspoint Employer Services

Contact: Kyle Cross
Work 3540 Blue Rock Road Cincinnati OH 45239 Work Phone: 513-873-2466 Cell Phone: 513-535-7121