Who are we?

The Bright Area Business Association is a customer-driven organization of business professionals, dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.  B.A.B.A. is a non-profit organization for small business owners. Our purpose is to: inspire, empower, network and support people pursuing an independent career path.
We want to provide an opportunity both for aspiring individuals who are just starting their own business and for current owners who are looking for community support, resources and opportunities.
Our goals for the organization are to:

  • Increase awareness and traffic to the local businesses of the Bright Area.
  • Promote a better business climate as well as promoting the Bright Area as a desirable place to live, work and patronize.
  • Hold monthly gatherings to socialize and network. Many small business owners work from home offices and are isolated from their peers.
  • Build a stronger community by increasing revenue, socializing and educate business leaders with local government information.
  • 2022 Board Members:
  • President, Nicole  Wuesterfeld
  • Vice-President, Nick Bader
  • Secretaries, Terry Hahn
  • Treasurer, Kim Joerger
  • Education Chairperson, 
  • Membership Chair, Dr. Mark Munchel
  • Golf Chairperson, Lonny Barnet
  • Social Media, Melissa Hafley
  • Past President,  Bebe Kinnett