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August 10, 2018

Bright Lions Club 8AM

The meeting was opened by President Bebe Kinnett.  Treasurer Wayne Leslie led the group in The Pledge of Allegiance.  Dan Hawkins made a motion to approve prior month’s minutes, 2nd by Wayne Leslie.  Motion passed. Introductions were made around the room.  Bebe Kinnett announced the openings on the BABA Board for 2019.  Nominations to date are President, Debby Stutz; Vice President Nicole Wuestefeld; Education Interim, Jennifer Getzendanner; Joe Alig Treasurer.  Still looking for nominee for Secretary, Membership Chair and Festival Chair . Dale Lutz  made a motion that the slate be accepted, Diane Bender 2nd.  Motion passed.  Members should contact Bebe or Debby Stutz if interested.  Jason Eckhoff gave an enthusiastic appreciation to BABA for all the help a efforts to raise funds for Bright Fire & EMS.  They had a fantastic Festival this year . Great weather brought great crowds.  Special appreciation was given to Mike & Diane Bender and Dale Lutz.  Baba booth auctioned 44 baskets bringing $3319.73. This is down $400 from 2017.  More special thanks to Wayne Leslie who got a float together (to advertise the BABA-Q) for the Bright Parade on his own.

BABA has received confirmation of their 5013(6) which allows donations to be wrote off on taxes as a business expense.  Jim Kinnett reminded everyone that the allowances(donations to date) are retro back to January 2018.

Treasurer Wayne Leslie reports a balance of $20,208.35

Next month’s meeting is September 19, 6pm located At The Barn Winery.  New members, Buffalo Wings & Rings along with Greendale LaRosa’s will cater the meal.

Debby Stutz reported that BABA-Q is coming along nicely.  More volunteers are needed to make this event a success.  In Cindy Nixon’s absence, Debby reminded everyone to register for the 5K and to share the FB page.

Diane Bender attended a seminar offered by Work Force Development and came away with very good ideas/plan to enhance employment opportunities in Greater Harrison Area.  All employers were invited.

Motion to adjourn by Debby Stutz, 2nd by Bebe Kinnett.  Motion passed.


In attendance

Jim Kinnett (Kinnett Consulting Group), Dan Hawkins (Hawkins Editing), Doris Gibbons (American Family Insurance), Carol Kalwa (Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers), Brianna Brins, Jennifer Getzendanner (Bella Mia), Michele Eich, Diane Bender (Logan Super Mart), James & Jamie Osborne (Loving Hearts Hospice), Melissa Leurck (Hoeting Realty), Dale Lutz (Cornerstone Realty), Lisa Cox, JDC Construction), Jay Knowles (Bischoff Realty), Gary Angel, Lonny Barnett (Edward Jones), Bebe Kinnett (Absolute Web Solutions), Wayne Leslie, Debby Stutz (At The Barn Winery).