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BABA Minutes

Friday, August 12

Shift Restaurant


Hello & happy 812 day!

Old Business

Bright Community Parade was Saturday, July 30. It was a success!

New Business

Secretary Report

  • July minutes were just to the website
  • Lonny Barnet motioned to approve and Doris Gibbons seconded the motion

Treasurer’s Report (Kim Joerger)

  • July balance $21,964.20
    • Accounts for the Parade sponsorships which was $1500 and an anonymous cash donation of $450
    • Expenses to date are $291.60
    • If anyone has any expenses, please submit those to Nicole
  • Anyone depositing money to the BABA account, please make a note along with the deposit so where know how to properly allocate.

Membership Report (Mark Munchel)      

  • Total of 37 members
  • New members: Bright Veterinary Clinic

Social Media

  • We are looking for someone to chair our online presence, which would include our Facebook page and updated website. If anyone is interested please let Nicole know.


  • Congratulations to Lonny Barnett for passing his CFP exam as well as taking on new responsibilities as a veteran. He is now the 9th District Commander which encompasses 33 individual American Legion Posts across 11 counties and Governor Holcomb’s Indiana War Memorials Commission.

Dearborn County Digital Inclusion Project

  • BABA’s new website can be visited at brightareabusinesses.org
    • Once it is live, it will bounce back to brightareabusinesses.com. Both will direct you to the .com site
  • While all of the members and information have transferred to the new site, the logos did not. Please review your profile and send your logo to Mark Munchel.
  • Mark is working to create a YouTube channel for Mark where we can post short videos of our members.

Bright Parade

  • Okay, let’s talk about the parade!
  • A huge thank you to everyone that helped with this event. Leading up to the event and the day of, for everyone’s support and help the day of.
  • Steven Harmeyer from The 812 was there and did some interviews prior to the parade which was great coverage.
  • AJ Waltz and his company NOW live streamed the parade
  • Nicole took flyers to everyone on the “main strip” of Bright and made several posts on the Bright Community Parade fb page, including thanking all of our sponsors.
  • What are your thoughts on the parade? What feedback have you received or heard?
  • The date of the parade conflicts with the EC Football golf outing…what are thoughts on changing the date to the week earlier?
  • Jody has the tote with vests, Dale has road closed signs
  • Road closed 10 minutes early; make sure they don’t close until 11
  • Shift closed Megrue drive by Shift; remind them not to do it
  • Salt Fork not many people; could cut route at Skyline and continue to memorial
    • Long walk back to the church by going all the way to the firehouse
    • If there is a festival next year we will definitely end at the firehouse
  • Need an end to the parade; typically the life squad and police that were blocking the road is the end of the parade. We just need to let people know that
  • Terry did a great job!!
  • People vs auto entry
  • Need garbage cans at the church
  • Wait to blow church parking lot until after the parade because people are taking down floats and straw ends up everywhere again
  • Consider having people in vests to keep people off road so parade watchers don’t get hit by the floats
  • Make sure back gate is unlocked
  • Coffee for the volunteers
  • Email thanking people for their support of the parade. We will put a Thank You in the Beacon
  • Keep the time the same, 11:00 worked great
  • Would be great for businesses to have customer appreciation that day
  • Garbage bags and duct tape great idea. Route was pretty clean
  • Facebook
    • Don’t throw candy
    • Post parade route
    • Life squad and police will signify the end of the parade

Up Next

  • After a successful golf outing and parade….what is next for BABA?
  • How can we connect with businesses moving forward? How can we better engage our current members?

September Meeting

  • Our September meeting is scheduled to be an evening event on Thursday, September 8. It is scheduled for At the Barn Winery.

Submitted by Nicole Wuesterfeld