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Bright Area Business Association- Minutes

July 8th, 2016

Recording Secretary: Lori Enright


Call to order by President Greg Gronwall followed by Pledge of Allegiance


Guests listened to a brief update of the construction on the “Stateline Rd. Project”.


Individual attendees followed with group intro of name and business.


Financial Report- Dan Cross:

$22,212 Total Deposits to-date

Net Cash: $20,165

Service Fees will be withdrawn

$900 committed to the Festival

Majority of the rest of monies will be distributed among donations to the Fire Dept., Food Pantry, etc. Who/what/how much TBD?


Leadership Report- Jim Mansfield

Jim started by reading the “BABA Mission”. However, who we are as a group and what we are known as is different than what only is in our mission statement. Jim gave reasons to donate your time, resources, etc. to help our Volunteer  Fire Dept. and others in the community to help achieve a “sense of community”.  This also increases business awareness at our events, and helps drive website traffic. He gave us 5 ways to help:

  1. Give a Gift Certificate/Gift of $25 or more.
  2. Volunteer your time
  3. Recruit a Member
  4. Come to a Meeting
  5. Network with eachother

Festival Update- Diane Bender


Diane gave daily times of the festival. She needs people to help pass out cozies, set-up displays, run raffle booth, etc. Also, still in need of donations! Call or Drop-off at Logan Supermart. Parade is at 3pm on Saturdy.


Programs- Celeste Calvitto

August- Voted to cancel

September- Jeff Raatz to present


Golf Outing- Greg Gronwall

Final Net: $9,367 + $2,500 donated by The Beacon (thank you!).

$11,867 final net.

Special thank you to sponsors and all who helped and played.

Old Business- Celeste Calvitto

Sign Committee Update: Passed our pictures and site location samples and possible sign designs. The cost of a sign of this size is treated as a billboard. Would take $1,200-$1,500 for a sign permit, plus the actual cost of the sign. Discussion over a smaller sign that wouldn’t be considered a billboard. This was tabled until the next meeting.


2017 Officer to replace Treasuer Dan Cross- please consider. Do you know anyone? He will train you!


New Business- After-Hours at Casey’s Outdoor Solutions Wednesday, 7/27 @ 6pm. Please RSVP. In conjunction with BABA, DCC and AIM YP. Free to attend.


Group voted to cancel a regular August meeting. Motion by Bebe Kinnett, 2nd by Diane Bender. Group to commence second Friday of September (9/9).


Website- Bebe Kinnett:

Fund request for licensing and Search Engine Finder up to $300. A motion was made by Diane Bender. Second by Les Finn. Thank you Bebe for donating your time and hosting/security services.


Meeting adjourned!