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Friday March 12, 2021 BABA Virtual ZOOM Meeting

Meeting Kickoff: Nicole


Nicole Wuestefeld – Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home

Bebe Kinnett – Absolute Web Marketing

Terrence Hahn – Friendship Insurance

Nick Bader – First Financial Bank

Lonny Barnett – Edward Jones Investments

Doris Gibbons – Gibbons Insurance Agency

Mark Munchel – Optimum Chiropractic

Rick Hughes – Millennium Business Systems

Tamara Taylor – The Beacon

Jim Kinnett – The Kinnett Consulting Group

Justin Rains – Portal Planet

Tonya Wolf – Amerifirst Home Mortgage

Joni Helton – Mary Kay

Cindy Wuestefeld – FCN Bank

Guest Speaker:    Guest Speaker, Randy Lyness, House of Representatives, 68th District of Indiana

                                100 Representatives and 50 Senators

                                149 Bills passed by the House

                                120 Bills passed by the Senate

                                Now all Bills go to the opposing House

                                179 pages of talking points for this year already

                                Budget will be 180 pages

                                $400MM in education over the next 4 years

                                Civil Immunity for COVID related issues

                                $150MM for students that have struggled during the Pandemic

                                No new information regarding the Port in Aurora

                                $2.3B in budget surplus (43 days of activity)

                                One of thirteen states with a AAA Credit Rating

                                $250MM in broadband infrastructure spending this year

                                $238MM in K-12 tuition support this year ($10,000 per child and the money follows the child)

                                Substitute Teachers are paid out of the $10,000/child

Minutes of last month’s meeting:   minutes for last month’s meeting were posted, Jim motion to accept, Doris second, motion passed.

Membership:                       37 paid members

Treasurer’s Report:            Total Bank Balance at the end of February was $11,339.09.

Golf Outing:                          May 17th is the date

Next Guest Speakers:

Apr – Jenny Fowler – Small Business Development

May – Golf

Announcements: Revival of the Bright T-Shirt sales. March 20th sports physicals at Optimum Chiropractic for area athletes, free of charge.  Doris thanked everyone for their donations for PAWS.

Doris, motion to close the meeting

Next month’s meeting:      Friday April 9, 2021

Thank You,

Lonny D. Barnett