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Minutes from Bright Area Business Association

November 11, 2016 8AM

Bright Lions building


The meeting was called to order by Greg Gronwall, President.  Aaron Negangard, Prosecuting Attorney for the counties of Dearborn and White was introduced as our guest speaker. Negangard presented us with a model for drug prevention in Dearborn county.  His initiative involves not only to stop drug traffic but recovery and more affirmative support for addicts.  The presentation briefly explained how we came to have the (mainly) heroin problem and his statistics on drug use and recovery were very sobering.


Those in attendance introduced themselves and the business they represent in turn.  We had two first time attendees Jay Knowles of Bischoff Realty and Doris Gibbons owner of Gibbons Insurance Agency.  Both were warmly welcomed.

Those in attendance:

Celeste Calvitto, Mark Lutz, Debby Stutz, Doris Gibbons, Jim Kinnett, Bebe Kinnett, Les Finn, Art Little, Diane Bender, Chris Faller, Greg Gronwall, Dan Hawkins, Wayne Leslie, Jamie Osborne, Lisa Cox, Lori Enright, Linda Mitchell, Teri Waltz, Joni Helton, Jason Eckhoff, Casey Knigga, Dan Cross, Jay Knowles.


Dan Cross gave a short treasurer’s report.  BABA has had some paid membership resulting in a change in net cash of $8160.


A recap of the previous evening’s Dearborn County Annual Auction was given by Bebe Kinnett. BABA was honored with the Lauren Hill award for Community Service. Those in attendance were Greg Gronwall, Doris Gibbons, Dale and Rachel Lutz, Jim, and Bebe Kinnett, Cari Vuko, Mark Lutz, Diane Bender, Celeste Calvitto, Don and Debby Stutz, Lori Enright, and Casey Knigga.  Doris Gibbons won the BABA gift basket that was donated to the silent auction.  Several people commented on the basket which gave good exposure to the organization.  The basket included items and gift cards from many of the BABA businesses.  The award will be displayed in each BABA retail business in a rotation.


Membership dues are due by January 2017. Upcoming events include the Christmas Breakfast on December 9 and the speaker for January will be the Foundation Director from Ivy Tech.


Linda Mitchell gave kudos to the professionalism of BABA and the members.  She attends many networking groups and feels that BABA is the best!


Old Business

Celeste hit a burp with signs and will talk to Greg at another time about the problem.



New Business

A lively discussion took place concerning BABA’s non-existent by-laws/articles of incorporation, and soon to be 2017 Election for the Leadership Team. Greg Gronwall suggested that we postpone voting on the by-laws that were emailed to the membership one day before the meeting as well as postponing the election.  Dan Hawkins made the motion 2nd by Wayne Leslie.  Bebe Kinnett opposed the vote to postpone vote on by-laws and election and proposed that we have the election as scheduled as usual and vote on bylaws later.  Dan Cross observed that BABA’s by-laws were non-existent in previous years and we still had elections, so this year would be no different.  Much discussion suggested that by-laws not be tied to elections.  The by-laws we are creating are based on similar organizations in the immediate area.  The motion (Dan Hawkins) was amended to have election in December as usual and delay approval of by-laws.  Second by Jim Kinnett. Motion passed.


President Greg Gronwall opened the floor for nominations for office to be voted on in December:


Celeste Calvitto nominated Greg Gronwall as President, Greg accepted.

Bebe Kinnett nomination Lori Enright as Vice President, Lori accepted

Jim Kinnett nominated Wayne Leslie as Treasurer, Wayne accepted

Lori Enright nominated Debby Stutz as Secretary, Debby accepted.


A proposal by Bebe Kinnett was made to hold nominations open until the election meeting. Motion passed.

A proposal was made to accept votes by absentee ballot by Doris Gibbons, 2nd by Dan Cross. Motion passed.


Diane Bender mentioned the Drug Free Club of America (ECHS) need incentives to give Club members (students) to participate.  If any BABA businesses have gift cards or items appropriate for student incentives to let her know.  The DFCA is an initiative of Aaron Negangard in the high school.


Greg Gronwall invited everyone to a networking get together at Market Street Grill in Harrison on December 8 at 11:30.


Motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Leslie and 2nd by Doris. No one opposed.



Submitted by Debby Stutz, Secretary