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Bright Area Business Assocation: December 2015 Meeting Minutes

Recording Secretary: Lori Enright (co-secretary)

December 11, 2015

“Christmas Breakfast Social”

  1. Meeting called to order by President Greg Gronwall, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Individual Introductions: Name/Business
  3. Reminder of $25 dues incentive for 2016 with payment on/before 12/31/2015 and take you through 12/31/16. Dues paid following 12/1/15 will be $50.
  4. Approval of November 2015 meeting minutes: all yay
  5. Greg Gronwoll recapped 2015 highlights: description of donations to local non-profits through revenue brought in during the annual BABA golf outing and the BABA booth at the Bright Festival, in July.
  6. Election of officers: Jim Mansfield went through the election details, listed nominees/those up for re-election. All passed with a unanimous vote.
  7. Membership- Diane Bender (Diane was recognized for her year’s of service as BABA Membership- thank you!) and Carie Vuko (Work One)- currently at 65 members!
  8. Social Media- Jim Mansield: reminder to always “like”, “comment” and “SHARE” BABA FB posts for more exposure!
  9. Programs- Celeste Calvitto: Upcoming speakers: January 2016- Dr. Jackson (Sunman Dearborn School Corp.) February- fitness/personal trainer for getting healthy in 2016. June- new state Rep. Randy Lyness
  10. Golf outing- Greg Gronwall (2016 date: May 16). Thank you to the Beacon for Platinum sponsorship.
  11. Festival- Diane Bender: Last weekend in July 2016. Keep your “re-giftable) Christmas presents and donate for baskets in 2016!
  12. Old Business- Sign Committee (Celeste Calvitto, Mark Lutz, Tad Feiss and Jim Kinnett) met Dec. 10. Meeting regarding signage to identify the geographical “boundaries” of Bright (entrance roads, etc.). County regulations must be met, so will take more time. Will report back in January 2016.
  13. New Business- I-74 Highway Committee (Greg Gronwall and Celeste Calvitto alternate at meetings of the explatory committee). Met in November with the group and the group is asking BABA members to reach out with opinions, thoughts and feedback on this potential highway exchange. An email will be sent with a survey link regarding the I-74 issue. More feedback to come.
  14. Salute to Celeste Calvitto for her on-going support and donations. Bebe Kinett was recognized for her International Award. Jim Mansfield was recognized with the Insurance Social Media Award, and agency of the month for Mansfield Insurance. Salute to Diane Bender for her continuous hard-work and dedication to BABA. Finally, a salute to Greg for his commitment to BABA as president and primary coordinator of the annual Golf Outing.
  15. Next meeting- Friday, January 8th at the Bright Lion’s Club at 8am. Meeting style: traditional
  16. Adjournment- meeting was followed by a breakfast social. Thank you to the Grubbs’ sisters for their delicious catering and to our members. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!