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Bright Area Business Association Meeting Minutes Dec. 14, 2012

Call to order

Our December  meeting of the Bright Area Business Association was held at the Merchants Bank, on December 14 at 8:00 am.

Roll call

Members and Guest listed below with 30 second introductions.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were read and had been distributed by posting them on the website.  Minutes were approved by Greg Gronwall.

Leadership Team Reports

a.)    President –Bebe Kinnett went over the Website stats.  There were close to last years response.  In 2010, there were 810 unique hits, 2011 about 2600 hits and 2012 around 3200 unique hits.  A unique hit is when the person has not returned to the website within one week.

b.)   Vice-President – None

c.)    Membership –No new members.

d.) Treasurer’s report –Dan Cross stated we had a balance of $1036.66.

V.   New Business

Greg and Pat have Monday, May 20, 2013, being set aside for the next Golf Outing.  We need volunteers and will be working on this beginning in January.

Dale Lutz ran the election of the new Leadership Team for 2012: 

President, Bebe Kinnett; Vice-President, Mike Raftery; Secretary, Debby Stutz; Treasurer, Dan Cross; Education Chairperson, Celeste Calvitto; Publicity Chairperson, Jim Mansfield; Membership Chairperson, Kate Karaus; Festival Chairperson, Diane Bender; Golf Chairperson, Greg Gronwall

Ken Fey, made the motion to elect this team, Wayne Leslie, second the motion.  The new 2012 Leadership Team as stated before.

Guest Introductions– Speaker:  Angela Black, Project Manager for Workforce One, Region 9 located on Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, IN  47025.

Angela handed out a folder full of information on some of what WorkOne handles.  Indiana Career Connect is a complete set of employment tools for job seekers in Indiana. A job seeker can search jobs, create resumes, find education and training for their particular job interest.  Employers can post available jobs free and also conduct free customized searches to finds candidates with the skills and qualifications that fit your needs.

She can assist businesses with work keys for their particular job skills needs at no cost (up to 5) to the businesses.  There are many career education courses at no cost by logging on to Indiana Career Connect.  Just contact Angela for help with a user name and password for logging on to the site.  There are over 800 classes, some may lead to certification.  Angela answered many questions at the end of her presentation.  In conclusion, WorkOne is a valuable resource to area businesses.

We want to thank Angela Black for speaking with us on the many programs WorkOne has to offer to area businesses.

30 Second Introductions:

                  Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency–has all lines of insurance.  He has been in business for 30 years.   Covers the Tri-State area.

Joni Helton, Mary Kay Cosmetics–has been a Mary Kay consultant for 18 years.  She can help you cross people off of your Christmas list.  They also have a line for men.

Debbie Stutz, Merchants Bank–Now is the time to refinance as interest rates are as low as 2.5{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193}.  Stop in and ask about our rates.

Toni Minning, Casey’s Outdoors Solutions, Inc.–We have many centerpieces for Christmas and bird seed feed.

Wayne Leslie, High Noon and Guns & Archery, LLC–Repair & customizing. Gunsmith & Custom Dipping.  Wayne has new business cards from Mike Wick, BMBA, Harrison, OH.

Dan Cross, Dan Cross, CPA–a full service accountant, handles all your accounting and tax needs.  Next year your social security taxes will be going up 2{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193}, from 4.2{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193} to 6.2{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193}.

Trisha Moore, Merchants Bank–Stop in and check the promotional rate we have thru March.

Mike Rafferty–Best services in the area for phone, Internet and TV for businesses. Local, dedicated representative.

Dale Lutz, Cornerstone Realty and Lutz Auction Services–We can turn your assets into cast!   Last year we had 45 auctions.

Diane Bender, Logan Supermart–We bought a fudge maker at Lutz Auction.  We now are making fudge.  We can make 33 lbs in an hour.  We have gift baskets and a little bit of everything.

Dino Brasey, Register Publications–Area representative of four of the publications, Harrison Press, Ohio County, Dearborn County Register, Hidden Valley Echo.  Go Local!

Tom Hooper, Hooper Termite & Pest Control–Family-owned business located in Harrison.  Bed-bug control, bugs have been really great this year because of the warm  weather.

Ken Fey, Fey’s Service–Small contractor, offering personal service, repair anything.  Several members offered validity for his services.

Peggy Waltz, The Beacon–Sales Manager.  The Beacon has over 17,500 distribution. 20{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193} off all advertising.

Marilyn  Eppert, Hooper Termite & Pest Control–Office Manager, Just a phone call away.

Angie Black, Workforce Board, Inc.–Workforce One Business manager and speaker for today.

Jim Kinnett, The Kinnett Consulting Group–a funding resource of one-half million and up.  Serves companies throughout the United States.

Jamie S. Geyer, Veteran Services/Business Service, WorkOne.  Replaces William (Bill) Parks.  Ready to assist and help.

Pat Sullivan, General Manager, Hidden Valley Golf Club–The Hidden Valley Golf Course is ranked 18th out of the top 25 in the Cincinnati Area.  It is a fun club, unique and family oriented.  Pat is offering the BABA members a discount to join for one year.  Cost is $900.  This is a great opportunity to get in at a low price.  Pat handed out coupons to members.

Greg Gronwall, ACN–Represents 23 companies and is a direct seller of home and business technologies and services that every person uses every day – wireless, digital phone service, Internet, home security, satellite TV (Dish and Direct) computer maintenance and backup, gas and electricity.   Greg is the Chairperson of the BABA Golf outing and is asking for volunteers.

Kate Karaus, T-Systems Electric, LLC and All Safe Security, Inc.— We can handle all your electrical and security needs.  We also have a bucket truck for those tall jobs that cannot be handled by a ladder.  Just give us a call.

                  Christy Evers, Edward Jones, Harrison, Ohio–She spoke about 529 accounts and other ways to get tax credits.

Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Design–Bebe designs a wide variety of website for area businesses as well as business throughout the United States.  She has her own server, can host website and complete maintenance of websites.  She has designed our website and maintains it as a volunteer.  Please look at our Website’s coupon page and make changes as needed.

VI.  Announcements

The next meeting will be 8:00 AM on Friday, January 11, 2013 at The Beacon, Bright, IN.

Meeting adjourned  at 9:30 am.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Kate Karaus