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Bright Area Business Association

Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2011

  1. Call to order

Bebe Kinnett called to order the regular meeting of the Bright Area Business Association at 8 am on December 9, 2011 at The Beacon in Bright, Indiana.

  1. Roll call

The following people were in attendance:  David P.Lynch, Attorney at Law; Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency; Greg Gronwall, ACN; Dale Lutz, Cornerstone Realty & Lutz Auctions; Dan Cross, Dan Cross, CPA; Peggy Waltz, The Beacon; Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon; Diane Bender, Logan Supermart; Darci Reruer, Skyline Chili; Jim Kinnett, Kate Karaus, All Safe Security & T-Systems Electric, and Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Designs.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes had been distributed by email and posted on the web site.  Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report–Same as last month, a balance of $1,181.55.  Dan, Treasurer, distributed Articles of Association.  We are a non-profit association and will not be handling over $5,000 in checks or money.

  1. Leadership Team Reports

a.)    President —  We want to thank Celeste for hosting the meeting and providing refreshment.

b.)   The website continues to be a success.  We were down just a little in November.  We have had an average of 120 monthly hits for last year.  We need to keep our coupon page updated.

c.)    Vice President–   None

d.)   Membership -remains the same.

e.)    Elections–Greg Gronwall ran the elections.  The following ran unopposed and were elected to the following positions for next year:  President, Bebe Kennett; Vice-President, David P. Lynch; Secretary, Kate Karaus; Treasurer, Dan Cross; Publicity and Education, Celecte Calvitto; and Membership, Diane Bender.

f.)     Programs  

V.  Open issues & New Business

Tom Orschell, Dearborn County Commissioner, was our speaker and spoke about what is going on in our county.  He talked about the Jail Project and mentioned the currents events that affect us and how important current events are to us.  He mentioned the growing pains of the Court House and how purchasing the Hoosier Square Building was going to relieve some of the parking pressure around the Court House.

He said the Jail Project was moving forward and stated the commissioners wanted to go around the county and set up “town hall meetings” to conduct education about the various programs the Courts offered.   Tom said that he hoped that people would attend the meeting and be able to communicate with the people from the various communities.

David Lynch commented on some of the programs and agreed that there were not enough beds and felt changes needed to be made.  Tom reminded us the there were sentencing guideline that the state sets and the judges were bound by the state.  He also said that there just was not enough space in the old facility to provide the needed programs.

Tom told us that many of the people in the facility were from outside the county and that 80{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193} of those in the programs were repeat offenders.  A questioned followed:  “Do we have programs to help the repeat offenders?”  He said that was what they were working toward.  Tom said that he could arrange a visit to the existing facility and could take two or three at a time.  Just give him a call and he was try to arrange this for anyone interested in learning more about the programs.

Tom also commented on the infrastructure that needed to take place that could provide jobs in Dearborn County.  There are many possibilities for Dearborn County.  There were assets in St. Leon and about the activity at the 74 exchange.  He also said the building off of US 50 in Lawrenceburg was almost complete and that P&G was working with the Economic Development committee and would provide some new jobs in Lawrenceburg.

Next meeting will be at 5:30 pm, Thursday Evening at Dale Lutz Auction Center on January 19, 2012.  Dale will show us around and explain the function of being an auctioneer and how it all works.  Diane Bender will create a brochure to invite the public.

Bebe Kinnett adjourned the meeting at 9:15.

Minutes submitted by:  Kate Karaus