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Friday, December 8, 2023
Bright Lions Club 9:00 AM

January Meeting
Date/Time:  January 12, 2024 at 9:00 AM
Location:  Lion’s Club, 2160 Lamplight Drive

2023 Board of Trustees

President:  Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President:  Nick Bader
Secretary:  Jeannette Huelseman
Treasurer: Nick Bader
Membership: Chair Mark Munchel
Member At Large: Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath of Uhlsee Branding

2023 Sponsorships

  • Friendship State Bank – Gold Sponsorship
  • First Financial Bank – Silver Sponsorship
  • Cincinnatus – Bronze Sponsorship

Nicole called the meeting to order at 9:14 AM

Pledge of Allegiance

Sign in sheet was circulated. Members present and personal introductions:

Bebe Kinnett (Absolute Web Marketing),
Nicole Wuestefeld (Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home),
Jody Blasdel (Blasdel, Inc.),
Karen Blasdel (Blasdel, Inc.),
Kendall Everhart (Bright Fire & EMS),
Dale Lutz (Cornerstone Realty),
Lonny Barnett/Tim Braun (Edward Jones),
Nick Bader (First Financial Bank),
Amy Fryman/Andy Schwegman (Friendship State Bank),
Kailey Kerr (Jay Knowles Real Estate/Keller Williams Realty),
Gage Lainhart (Jay Knowles Real Estate/Keller Williams Realty),
Jay Knowles (Jay Knowles Real Estate/Keller Williams Realty),
Rachel Lutz (Lutz Auction Services),
Art Little on behalf of Logan Supermarket
Jessie Presley & Bruce Lippard (North Dearborn Community Pantry),
Art Little (North Dearborn Community Pantry),
Jesse Presley/Bruce Lippard (North Dearborn Pantry),
Mark Munchel (Optimum Chiropractic LLC),
Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath (Uhlsee Branding & Design),
Larry Shideler (Union Center Blvd Member Association)
Jeannette Huelseman (WorkOne Southeast),

Nicole: Thank you to Friendship State Bank and Friendship Insurance for being our 2024 Gold Sponsor

Membership Report – Dr. Mark Munchel

Dr. Mark Munchel: Thank you for your renewals and to the new members. BABA’s membership count is around the mid 50’s. The website has a 50 count limit, but within a week or two that will be increased and you will see your business listed under the Member page.

Recently Joined

    • 8 Top Grill – Mandy Campbell
    • ARS Café & Meeting House – Lisa Hartman
    • KC’s Meats — Cody & Kyle
    • Pregnancy Care Center – Karla Raab
    • Prime Lending – Christa Smith
    • UhlseeBranding & Design – Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath
    • Union Center Blvd Merchant Association (UCBMA) — Larry Shideler
    • Vitor’s joined again

Treasurer’s Report

Nick Bader, Vice President/Treasurer:
Beginning Balance:  $19,509.02
Ending Balance:       $10,737.06

Board Elections

We propose Board members for 2024 and will officially vote on them at our January meeting. If anyone is interested in any of these position other than the people I mention please let me know.
President Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President Nick Bader (has been Nick, but he has been filling the role of Treasurer which was needed since Kim stepped down)
Secretary Jeanette Huelseman
Treasurer Nick Bader
Membership Mark Munchel
Member at Large Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath of Uhlsee Branding
*Will help generate new ideas, fill various roles/items that the current Board hasn’t been able to get to such as Facebook posts, update tri-fold to pass out to respective members. Sara attended the last member meeting at ARS Cafe and volunteered to fill this position.

Membership Dues

  • Can be turned in at any meeting or online via the website.
  • Everyone should have received an email encouraging your renewal. If you do it online, you also have the option to pay for a hole sponsorship and/or a 4-some at the golf outing.
    Otherwise submit payment via check.
  • Those that turn in their dues by the January meeting will be entered into a drawing to receive a $50 gift card to one of our member’s shops. Basically making your membership free.
    •   We will draw 4 winners
  • Anyone that has not paid their membership by March 8, 2024, which is our last meeting of the 1st quarter, will be removed from the membership directory.

2024 Meetings

Meetings are posted on the website and will be a combination of Mornings at the Bright Lion’s Club, Lunch meetings, and Member Spotlights.

Year Overview

Our two big events for the year are the golf outing and the Bright Parade.

  • The golf outing is our major fundraiser that raises money that we can donate to our local non-profits.
  • The Bright Parade we assumed responsibility for over the last couple years after successfully being led by Dale Lutz, Jody Blasdel and Art Little.
  • We have been talking with North Dearborn Community Park, another local non-profit, who is working toward building a community park at the old North Dearborn Elementary School. We would like to partner with them in future events as we continue to expand our presence in the surrounding areas of Bright. There have been talks about a Party in the Park which could be a great opportunity to combine forces and do good for our community.
    • Jody Blasdel suggested having a ribbon cutting event for the North Dearborn Community Park. A discussion ensued to consider combining the ribbon cutting with their event such as Party in the Park following the Bright Parade.
  • We have monthly meetings to discuss upcoming events, patronize our members, and learn more about our members. We try to do each quarterly.
  • Last year we started Member Highlights We would like to continue this at least quarterly, but are definitely open to more if there is interest. These can be held at a member’s business or over lunch/coffee or at the Lion’s Club if there isn’t an actual “place” of business.
    • 2023 Member Spotlights were held at Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home, Lutz Auction & Cornerstone Realty, George’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply, and ARS Cafe & Meeting House.
    • This gives members an opportunity to brag on themselves and provide BABA with history about your business and familiarize members with your business.
    • Networking is key in this group and by becoming familiar with our members and their businesses, we are able to recommend our member’s business to others
    • These can be held at 9am, at lunchtime or in the evening, whichever is best for the member’s business
      • Dr. Mark Munchel suggested that if a member does not have a store front or insufficient room he will be willing to provide video interviews to highlight the business.
  • Our meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month. Times and locations will be posted on the BABA website and be shared through the BABA Newsletter.

Nicole opened floor to questions:

Amy Fryman-Question regarding length of a member spotlight video, specifically for the new Friendship Bank and Insurance location going in across from Bright 4 Seasons prior to their grand opening. Dr. Mark Munchel in response, “Videos can be a 10 sec or 10 minute video, whatever works best for the business.”

2024 Member Meetings & Events

We try to host lunches at our member’s place of business so those will be TBD as we see who is renewing their membership for 2024.

January 12 – Bright Lion’s Club 9 AM
February 9 – Member Spotlight
March 8 – 12:00 Lunch at Eight Top Grill
April 12 – Member Spotlight – Open, contact Nicole Wuestefeld
May 10 – 9:00 BLC – Final meeting before golf outing
May 20 Golf Outing at Hidden Valley Golf Club
June 14 – 12:00 Lunch TBD
July 12Bright Parade
August 9 – 12:00 Lunch TBD
Sept 13 – Member Spotlight – Open, contact Nicole Wuestefeld
Oct. 11 – 12:00 Lunch TBD
Nov. 8 – Member Spotlight – Open, contact Nicole Wuestefeld
Dec. 13 – 9:00 BLC – Christmas breakfast

2023 Donations to Local Non-Profits

This year we had to scale back our donations slightly because we didn’t make as much money at our golf outing, which is our main fundraiser. Outings across the region were down this year. We can see that our participation in the golf outing and our recruitment to golf in the outing directly impacts the level to which we can donate each year. Let’s use this as a challenge for 2024 to work hard to increase our donations and encouragement to participate in our major fundraiser.

Bright Fire & EMS – $6,500           Kendall Eberhart, Fire Chief and team

Kendall Eberhart reviewed some of the issues driving the decision to end the Bright Festival. Volunteering was down and it became too large to sustain. Although, they still needs funding, they also have a heart for the community. This year they focused on a new event: Shop with a Firefighter. This was patterned after the Shop with a Cop events.

They are very thankful to the many donors who helped to make this event successful. Through these donations and volunteers they were able to shop with about 200 children from as young as 6-months. Infants were provided diapers, formula and clothing. It was opened to all of Dearborn County. They cross-referenced applicants with Shop with a Cop and Toys for Tots to prevent doubling up. In the process they stumbled on the Yes Home and were able to help those children as well.

In 2024 they are looking into fundraising events such as Concert in the Park. This will be a monthly event that runs from May-October. Dillsboro Civic Center will be lending their stage for these concerts. They are looking for local businesses who would like to sponsor an event. Event sponsors will have their Business spotlighted on banners as well as community recognition. Reach out to Kendall Eberhart for more information on sponsoring.

North Dearborn Pantry – $2,000 Bruce Lippard

There is no financial requirements to receive assistance. No one is turned away. The pantry has helped the trustee tremendously as it reduces the community tax dollars. Thanks to volunteers who help with driving trucks, stocking shelves and using a click list system to bag groceries, around 286,000 pounds of food goes out to 250 households per month. This is about two shopping carts of groceries per family. 176 Thanksgiving boxes were distributed this year. Clothing is open for families who have loss due to fire, weather or other catastrophic event. Thanks to Snappy Tomato Pizza who donates 10% of all sales on the 3rd Wednesday of the month as well as placing collection baskets in the restaurant on that day, for which 100% of the collection goes directly to the pantry.

Founder Ann Jefferies is turning 100 in March. “She is our Angel on earth.” Dale Lutz.

Current needs include:

  • Help getting the word out to the community in need
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • beverages
  • deodorant (especially women’s)

To offer assistance of any kind reach out through their Contact page North Dearborn Pantry

Bright Lion’s Club – $500 Art Little

  • Lions Club
    • is the largest distributor of eyeglasses in the world and is in over 200 countries
    • is a disaster relief organization
    • Lions Quest program provides young people and their educators with tools to make positive choices, resist drugs and alcohol, learn through service and become healthy young men and women.
  • Bright Lions
    • is the largest in the state of Indiana with 75 members
    • holds an Easter Egg hunt every spring and pictures with the Easter Bunny
    • 2023 awarded three scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each toward trade school students

Testimony from Bebe Kinnett:

When Jim was getting sick, we could have bought a walker, but Jim was resistant. So I got one from Lions Club. It had the seat attached. Toward the end, Jim said how much it helped him and he appreciated having it available to him.

  • Glasses donated are sent to a women’s prison for repairs. Dearborn County has three drop-off centers. Find the one closest to you: Eyeglasses Drop Off Center

Nicole Wuestefeld 

Thank you to our members, without your support we could not make these donations to support our community.