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Attention Dearborn County Residents
Proposed New Jail & Justice Center Informational Meeting

How does Dearborn County plan to address the space needs for the jail, courthouse and juvenile center? How over-crowded is the jail in Lawrenceburg? Do we need to build a new juvenile center? What are the immediate and long-term needs at the courthouse? Is the Hoosier Square Building a viable temporary or permanent solution? How is the project funded?

For answers to your questions concerning the proposed jail and justice center project, Gary Puckett from FlyPod.com Radio will interview Dearborn County Commissioner Tom Orschell; County Administrator Bill Ewbank; and Terri Dillard with Community Corrections.

Come speak to the Dearborn County officials and discuss these projects at the Logan Supermart at 4115 North Dearborn Road on Saturday, October 16th @ 9:00 AM.

Diane Bender

The following message was submitted by Diane Bender as a Community Service. The Bright Area Business Association has not voted on this topic so the organization has “no opinion” at this time. We are happy to provide our membership the opportunity to become more informed.