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The January meeting was held at The Beacon office and called to order by Bebe Kinnett on January 11 at 8AM.

Members and guests are listed below with 30 second introductions.

Minutes from December meeting were approved.

Web site hits were at 238 in December with 200 hits already in January.  Kate Karaus presented a binder to organize business cards.  Everyone liked the idea and she will check on prices.  It was suggested that the BABA logo be imprinted on the binder.

There are currently 38 members in the Association according to record but there are 99 contacts on the mailing list.

Dan Cross gave a financial update with a brief synopsis of 2012 financial highlights and mentioned that he is working on a non-profit status for the association.

Greg Gronwall and Pat Sullivan have redesigned the flyer for the golf outing on May 20.  There was much discussion about how to get more golfers than last year.  The 2012 outing had 44 golfers and the goal is to double that for 2013.  There were many suggestions how to make the 2013 event more successful including involving local churches and maybe changing the organization to which the profits are donated.    Diane Bender will talk to Bill Ward about possibly benefiting ND Food Pantry.  An email will go out to members asking for recommendations. The committee will decide where the profits will go.  It was suggested that the Pantry would get a lot of support. Motion for $200 as startup funds was approved by Diane Bender with a 2nd from Wayne Leslie.

Some people thought the cost of $100 per golfer was too expensive.  The cost includes the outing, food, prizes, $40 coupon to replay the course and a chance to win a golf membership at Hidden Valley.  It was decided that increased participation depended on publicity and talking about the event to friends, family and coworkers.

Guest speaker Patti Richards educated us about a healthy lifestyle and being aware of the type of foods we eat.  Patti is a registered dietitian and Director of Nutrition at Dearborn County Hospital.  The scheduled speaker for February is Judd McMillan.  Suggestions for evening meetings in 2013 were for Casey’s Outdoor Solutions and Hidden Valley Golf Club.

30 second Introductions

Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Designs, launched the Cornerstone Realty website and Gambles website.

Dino Brasey, Register Publications, is leaving his current position with The Register but will introduce his successor to the association before he leaves.

Tom Hooper, Hooper Termite and Pest Control, has a new line of environmentally safe pest control products.

Casey Knigga, Casey’s Outdoor Solutions, will be at The Dearborn County Home Builders Home and Garden Show March 22-24.  The show is at Agner Hall at Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds. Remember Casey’s floral expertise for Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts.  Matt Stenger will speak at a seminar on Backyard birds at the garden center on January 30th at 6:30.

Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency, Inc., call anytime for insurance quotes.

Dan Cross, Dan Cross CPA, tax time is coming up.

Diane Bender, Logan Super Mart, a raffle is scheduled for February 2 at the super mart.  The raffle will benefit an employee that was injured at home and cannot work for the time being.

Wayne Leslie, High Noon Guns & Archery, LLC, a new dip tank is in place that will apply a camo design finish to most any hard surface. This finish adds to the value of your equipment, has low maintenance and is very durable.

Greg Gronwall, ACN, a special offer for flash wireless for 59.99.  ACN represents 23 companies and is a direct seller of home and business technologies and services that every person uses every day – wireless, digital phone service, Internet, home security, satellite TV (Dish and Direct) computer maintenance and backup, gas and electricity.

Pat Sullivan, Hidden Valley Golf Club, reminded everyone that BABA members get a coupon for $100 off a Hidden Valley Golf Club family membership.  That makes a family membership on $900 annually.

Debby Stutz, Merchants Bank & Trust, Home mortgage rates are as low as 2.50{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193}, open late Tuesday and Thursday until 8PM.

Peggy Waltz, The Beacon, The Bright Lions will have a pancake breakfast on March 2nd at the Lions Building on Lamplight.  This is an annual event and is very well attended.  Buy tickets early or pay at the door.

Jim Kinnett, The Kinnett Consulting Group, working with Monterrey Tech in Mexico to develop an Economic Plan.

Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon, a new product will be included in the next edition.

Patty Richards, Dearborn County Hospital

Joni Hilton, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Call Joni for all of your Valentine’s Day needs.  She has many products and ideas that are sure to impress your special someone.

Submitted by: Debby Stutz