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Friday, January 12, 2024
Bright Lions Club 9:00 AM

February Member Spotlight Uhlsee Branding & Design-Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath
Date/Time: February 9, 2024 at 9:00 AM
Location: ARS Cafe & Meeting House
6988 North Dearborn Road
Guildford Indiana

Nicole Wuestefeld called the meeting to order and asked members to state their name and business name.

All-Pledge of Allegiance

Sign in sheet was circulated. Members present and personal introductions:

Bebe Kinnett-Absolute Web Marketing
Nicole Wuestefeld-Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home
Casey Knigga-Casey’s Outdoor Solutions & Florist
Lonny Barnett-Edward Jones
Amy Fryman-Friendship State Bank
Rick Hughes-Millennium Business Systems
Mark Munchel-Optimum Chiropractic LLC
Tonya Wolfe-Preferred Rate Mortgage
Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath-Uhlsee Branding & Design
Larry Shideler-Union Center Blvd Merchant Association (UCBMA)
Jeannette Huelseman-WorkOne Southeast

Old Business

Nicole: Thank you to Friendship State Bank and Friendship Insurance for being our 2024 Gold Sponsor

2023 Sponsorships 

  • Friendship State Bank – Gold Sponsorship
  • First Financial Bank – Silver Sponsorship
  • Cincinnatus – Bronze Sponsorship

2023 Board of Trustees

President             Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President     Nick Bader
Secretary             Jeannette Huelseman
Treasurer             Kim Joerger
Membership         Mark Munchel
Golf Chair             Lonny Barnett
Member at Large  Bebe Kinnett

Donations to Local Non-profits

Bright Fire & EMS – $6,500
North Dearborn Pantry – $2,000
Bright Lion’s Club – $500

New Business

Election of 2024 Board Members

President             Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President     Nick Bader
Secretary             Jeannette Huelseman
Treasurer             Kim Joerger
Membership         Mark Munchel
Golf Chair             Lonny Barnett
Member at Large  Bebe Kinnett
Member at Large  Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath

Members unanimously agreed to the election of Board Members as stated.

Membership Report – Dr. Mark Munchel

Dr. Mark Munchel: Memberships through 2023/2024 are at 34, which is a great response for the start of the year. We are working on tweaking the auto sign-up system online. 

Treasurer’s Report

Nicole Wuestefeld for Nick Bader, Vice President/Treasurer:
Ending Balance:       $11,376.72 

Nicole Wuestefeld: Growth in BABA membership has increased beyond our limit in Membership Works. Membership Works is the online platform for auto renewing memberships. It sends automatic reminders, enables users to add golf sponsorship and 4-somes and according to the users’ preference can combine the sponsorship with the dues for a single payment.

We are working through some of the features that we added when we upgraded Membership Works, so please bear with us. We are working on the best optimization for members with auto-renewal. We have found that when paying by check or in the 4th quarter of the previous year the system requires the membership or treasury chair to make a manual entry. Until that is complete you may receive a notice of non-payment. Please disregard those for a time while we get up to date.

If you paid by check or in the 4th quarter of the previous year, but continue to receive a nonpayment notice please email info@brightareabusinesses.com so that we may resolve the issue.

Tonya Wolfe raised a question: Will the auto renew remember the previous years’ selection, such as if choosing a hole sponsorship?
Bebe Kinnett: Yes, it will auto renew according to your last selection.
Tonya Wolfe: That is good, it helps with budget planning, I will not need to factor that in for the new years’ budget.

2024 Sponsorships

Friendship State Bank – Gold “Thank you for sponsoring at the gold level again!” We are working with First Financial as Silver Sponsor and Cincinnatus as Bronze Sponsor for 2024

Gift card drawing:

Nicole: As we shared in the December meeting Gift Cards were purchased and a drawing for those who joined or renewed their 2024 membership by today are entered into drawing to one of our member businesses. Mark Munchel has a system that will auto select from those memberships. The gift cards to be distributed are:

  • ARS Café
  • 8 Top Grill
  • KC Meats
  • Vitors Bistro
Gift card recipients:
  • Lions Club-Art Little to receive KC’s Meats gift card.
  • Pregnancy Care Center-Karla Raab to receive ARS Cafe and Meeting House gift card.
  • Trinity Woodworking-Dan Badinghaus to receive Vitor’s Bistro gift certificate
  • Cornerstone Realty-Dale Lutz to receive Eight Top Grill gift certificate.
Harrison Chamber

Bebe Kinnett was talking to the Harrison Chamber staff because she does their web site. They have invited BABA members to their After Hours networking event in Harrison. After Hours at Sweet Escape Room & Sweet Axe Throwing on Feb 22nd from 5:00-7:00 PM Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce.  The event can be viewed: Harrison After Hours-2/22/2024.

She planted the seed of having them and BABA do reciprocal memberships like we do with the Dearborn Chamber.

Golf Outing

Monday, May 20, 2024

Nicole: Lonny Barnett heads up the golf outing. In the past Jim and Lonny tag teamed, but now Lonny is working alone. We need volunteers to help Lonny with sponsorships, door prizes, food, etc. Tonya Wolfe volunteered to assist. A discussion on the number of teams necessary for a profitable fundraiser: 20 teams. Last year we had 17 or 18 teams.

2024 Meeting Dates

Nicole: I try to split the quarter into three categories:

  • Lions Club meeting;
  • Member Spotlight meeting held at member site or Lions Club if necessary; and
  • Lunch meeting, which usually follows an event. We try to host lunches at our member’s place of business so those will be TBD as we see who is renewing their membership for 2024.
    • January 12    9:00 Bright Lion’s Club (BLC)
    • February 9     Member Spotlight 9:00 Ulhsee Branding & Design at ARS Café
    • March 8         12:00 Lunch at Eight Top Grill
    • April 12          Member Spotlight Open/TBD
    • May 10           9:00 BLC – Final meeting before golf outing
    • May 20           Golf Outing at Hidden Valley Golf Club
    • June 14          12:00 Lunch TBD
    • July 12           9:00 BLC – Final meeting before parade
    • July 27           Bright Parade
    • August 9        12:00 Lunch TBD
    • Sept 13          Member Spotlight and/or Evening event At The Barn Winery-will check the schedule for when Terry Hahn is playing.
    • Oct. 11           12:00 Lunch TBD
    • Nov. 8             Member Spotlight Amy Fryman volunteered for this
    • Dec. 13          9:00 BLC – Christmas breakfast

Nicole opened the floor to members to share what is going on in their world.

Bebe Kinnett had a testimonial. She had rescued a Great Dane with health issues. She took her to Dr. Mark Munchel who gave her two adjustments. Prior to the adjustments Bebe could not even lift the pup’s paw without causing pain. Now she is doing great.

Dr. Mark – Optimum Chiropractic LLC, “If it has a spine it can be adjusted.”

Lonny Barnett – Edward Jones, “My cat needs an attitude adjustment, she has a spine.”

Amy Fryman – Friendship State Bank and Insurance, “Since we are talking about cats….” Carl had convinced her they need barn cats, so they adopted two kittens from Paws of Lawrenceburg to be “barn cats.” The outgoing one decided to move on to greener pastures while the other, more timid kitty found its way from the barn to the house and is now a house cat. She pointed out that Paws is a great resource for pets.

Nicole, “I have a cat that is living in my mom’s garage…” She (her mom) would be pleased if someone would want to adopt the kitty. Nicole’s husband is not so fond…

Casey Knigga – Casey’s Outdoor Solutions & Florist: Casey apologized for not attending the meetings in 2023, due to the extra work he has been involved in lately. They have had two expansions, one in Harrison, Casey’s Storage Solutions with climate controlled units, standard storage, boat & RV. The other The Crossing At Tanners Creek was another huge project. It has been designed to be a low maintenance community and includes the following amenities:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Sidewalk-lined streets
  • Street Lighting
  • Snow removal
  • Paved walking trails with shelter gazebos
  • Kayak/canoe entry & access to deep water Tanner’s Creek