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Friday, July 14, 2023
Bright Lions

Nicole called the meeting to order at 9 am

Sign in sheet was circulated. Members present:
Nicole Wuestefeld (Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home), Tamara Taylor (Beacon News), Karen Blasdel (Blasdel, Inc.), Lonny Barnett/Tim Braun (Edward Jones), Nick Bader (First Financial Bank), Amy Fryman/Andy Schwegman (Friendship State Bank), Patty Riebsomer (George’s Pharmacy), Joni Helton (MaryKay Cosmetics), Mark Munchel (Optimum Chiropractic LLC), Tonya Wolfe (Preferred Rate Mortgage), Andy Schindler (Schindler Wildlife Solutions LLC), Jeannette Huelseman (WorkOne Southeast)

Joe Laugle & Maxine Laugle (MaxScenes Lightening & Interiors)

The next meeting is a lunch meeting on August 11 at 12 pm location TBD.

2023 Board of Trustees
President:                                Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President/Social Media:   Nick Bader
Treasurer:                                Nick Bader
Membership Chair:                  Mark Munchel
Secretary:                                Jeannette Huelseman

Nicole-thank you to our sponsors:

  • Friendship State Bank – Gold Sponsorship
  • First Financial Bank – Silver Sponsorship
  • Cincinnatus – Bronze Sponsorship


Welcome to Vitor’s Bistro and Sushi Bar is a new member

  • Membership is at 47.
  • Membership Works indicates we are over our limit of 50. We will research. [Bebe Kinnett reports it counts inactive memberships.]


Lonnie-Is talking with the owners of KC’s Meats and hopes to have them as a new member soon.

Ribbon Cutting-Nicole, Lonnie and Mark welcomed KC’ Meats to the community on June 24, 2023. Lonnie reports KC’s Meats are doing very well.

Treasurer’s report:

Kim could not attend this month, but provided balances to Nicole. Current collected balance is $18,595.35.

  • Kim Joerger has asked to step down from treasurer duties through 2023 due to personal reasons. Nick Bader will fill in for Kim and Nicole and Nick will be signer’s on checks.
  • BABA is looking for a new treasurer for the 2024-2025 year.

Golf Report-Lonnie:

  • The day was great and weather.
  • Two prizes went to Friendship State Bank
  • 16-17 teams participated-one team did not show.
  • Hidden Valley provides a greater discount at 20 teams so that is the goal.
  • Other golf outings had similar struggles and may be attributed to inflation.
  • Having the outing on a weekday could also add to the low turnout, but Hidden Valley only allows one Friday/month.

Bright Community Parade July 29th:

Links to Contacts Sheets and Supply List :

Parade Contacts and Notes

Parade Supply List


  • CalComm
  • Friendship State Bank


  • Setup at Bright Christian Church-arrival time 7 AM
  • Registration: Amy and Maxine
    • BABA Banner for tableKaren Blasdel
    • Zip ties-Tonya
  • Parking for volunteers at left side of parking lot
  • Stage setup: Dale & Dave
  • Stage presence: Bebe & Tamara
    • Grand Marshal Plaque-Tamara will present
  • National Anthem: Dave
  • Greeters: Nicole and Dave
  • Tent & Supplies-provided by Tonya: large index cards, pop up tent, pens, markers, tape, scissors. Extension cords-Art;
    • **Pre-label note cards with numbers.
  • Traffic control:
    • Mike Dermody, Dave Wissman, Mark, Pat, & Delmar
    • Ken to provide sawhorse barricades.
    • End of route control: Lonnie & Wayne
  • Golf outing sign-Lonnie

Parade lineup:

  • Arrive 9 AM-10 AM
  • Start at 11:00 AM

Grand Marshal: Mike & Diane Bender


  • Route approved and posted at facebook.com/BrightCommunityParade/
  • Insurance
  • Boy Scout Troup 693 to lead parade
  • Band-East Central
  • No throwing candy-to be handed out

Live streaming

  • Nicole has been unable to reach AJ to determine if he is willing to provide live streaming. Contacted Steven Harmeyer (The 812)-he is hoping to be onsite, if not he will cover the parade in some way. He would like to interact more with BABA.
  • Discussion ensued with possible alternatives to live streaming:

-volunteers can video w/phones.

-businesses can tag


  • Nicole-Three teenage runners are needed. St. Teresa’s posted in their bulletin, but no one has come forward.
  • Suggestion to use the boy scouts, but they may be too young.
  • Jeannette volunteered to attempt to enlist her grandson and two of his friends.
  • No other suggestions were mentioned.

Audio Equipment:

  • Nicole-Terry Hahn is on board with Mike Dermody to bring audio equipment.

Hand Held radios:

  • Tamara reached out to Doug Oldham at Suburban Propane-she has not heard back.


  • Bright Fire and EMS will be walking the parade, but not have a collection. They will be holding an open house following the parade.
  • St. Leon Fire-attending.

Flyer Distribution:

  • Nicole-flyers are prepared and ready to distribute. Patty Riebsomer (George’s Pharmacy) will distribute and remind businesses of Customer Appreciation Day (small giveaways).


  • Volunteers will travel parade route at conclusion to help pick up trash.
  • Tamara will reach out to Boy Scouts about help with cleanup.
  • Lonnie has grabbers to assist with cleanup.
  • Patty will provide trash bags, will attach to poles and remove at the end.
  • Please bring blowers for cleanup.


  • Bright Christian Church historically held their clothing drive that day-question about if they are doing so this year. If so, bags should be grouped and marked according to male/female, adult/child and size.
  • Lonnie-the Kona Ice truck will not be provided this year due to massive price increase.