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Meeting held 7/8 at Bright Lions building. Nicole called the meeting to order at 9 am.

Sign in sheet was circulated. Members present: 

Bebe Kinnett – Absolute Web Marketing

Wayne Leslie

Jim Kinnett – The Kinnett Consulting

Patty Riebsomer – George’s Pharmacy

Tamara Taylor – The Beacon

Dale Lutz – Cornerstone/Lutz Auction

Nicole Wuestefeld – BABA Pres., Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home

Nick Bader – BABA VP, First Financial

Terry Hahn – BABA Sec., Huesman-Schmid Insurance

Several members responded to the meeting reminder that they were on vacation and could not attend.

Old business – June minutes were posted online, but provided later than usual (ur secretary needs to pick up the slack!). Nonetheless, minutes had been made available and reviewed> Motion to approve by Tamara, second by Bebe. Minutes approved.

Nicole mentioned the evening social event 6/11 held at At The Barn Winery. Terry thanked those who attended. It was a fun night!

Treasurer’s report – Kim could not attend this month, but provided balance info to Nicole. Current collected balance is $22,026.62. Lonny could not attend either but had previously provided an update on the golf outing. Net revenue for the event was $12,103.50. 

*Lonny is preparing to sit for his CFP exam 7/16. WE WISH HIM LUCK!!!!

Membership – Mark was unable to attend this month, but reported paid membership at 37 members. We welcome 2 new members – Art Little, DC Commissioner and Dan Gutapfel, Gutapfel Roofing. Welcome!

Website Update: Bebe provided an update on the new site: www.brightareabusiness.org is the temporary location. We will be adding an additional feature – “Membership Works” – that will automate many features of membership and events. Because of the features many abilities, we’re in the process of determining which ones best serve BABA. There will be PR promotion for the site beginning week of 7/11. There is training 7/15 covering Word Press and Membership Works in more detail. This will be held from 10a-12p at First Financial. PLease let Nicole know if you plan to attend.


We have 100 flyers ordered for hand distribution to local businesses. We will need some folks willing to visit the businesses to deliver these. 

Big news! – AJ Waltz will be live streaming the event! He will have 4-5 cameras and will be operating at Bright Coin Laundry/Dan’s Garage across from the stage at First Financial. AJ will also be producing some interviews before/after event and helping promote sponsors. AJ is donating his services to the event with the exception of the “hard costs” to produce. Jay Knowles has offered to cover those expenses – thank you Jay! And thank you AJ for helping add a great new feature to the event!!!

Nicole reminds us to be there at 7am to help with all the day-off preparation. She will be sending out a volunteer sheet  to remind everyone where to be – KNOW WHERE TO GO!  

Cleanup was discussed. Patty discussed asking entries to go back over the parade route once the parade concludes to help pick up trash. This will take a lot of help. Tonya had previously offered to bring certain clean-up supplies. Nick mentioned that FFB has extra PPD supplies the bank could share. Tamara mentioned we have not gotten a response from the Boy Scouts regarding clean up assistance. Nicole is reaching out to the local Girl Scouts to see if they will assist. 

Dale mentioned using the local church and business signage boards for promotion. They have done this in the past annually.

Terry mentioned he planned on stage announcements promoting BABA involvement, membership, and clean up. Other ideas are welcome!

With no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned. 


Respectfully submitted – Terry Hahn, Secretary