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Bright Area Business Association

Meeting Minutes

June10, 2011

  1. Call to order

Bebe Kinnett called to order the regular meeting of the Bright Area Business Association at 8 am on June 10, 2011 at The Beacon in Bright, Indiana.  Terri Vetter donated the door prize–a potted plant she designed.

  1. Roll call

The following people were in attendance:  Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency; Paul Kunkel, Chamber of Commerce; Diane Bender, Logan Supermart; Jim Kinnett, TKCG; Terri Vetter, The Beacon; Peggy Waltz, The Beacon; Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon; Marilyn South, World Financial Group; Kate Karaus, All Safe Security & T-Systems Electric; Greg Gronwell, ACN; Ken Fey, Fey Services; and Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Designs.

Guest:  Lieutenant Dave Bartholomew, from the Bright Volunteer Fire Department and also has run the festival for the last several years was present. He is an active community member, married and has three children.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes had been distributed by email and posted on the web site.  Minutes were approved.

  1. Leadership Team Reports

a.)    President —  The Bright Area Businesses Association website had over 200 visitors– about 30{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193} of them staying on the website 5 seconds to 5 minutes.  The Bright Festival led the website viewing with 14{7b8c989abf756bf7ce1f89de0a7bd15766f0afcab20f44905b10f83f92dee193} interested with the festivals dates and activities offered.  Ten percent were seeking specific businesses.  The Beacon will continue to run the ad with our website address in The Beacon at no cost.  We would like to thank Celeste (The Beacon, owner) for this continued support in The Beacon.

b.) Vice President–   None

c.) Treasurer – Last statement in May,  Beginning balance of $522.71.  We had a deposit of $50 and expenditure of $50 for the golf outing.  Ending balance of 522.72.

d.) Membership -From  January 1, 2011 the following new members have joined, Ken Fey, Fey’s Service; James Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency; Greg Cronwell,          ACN; and the North Dearborn Branch Library joined.

e.)    Publicity — Diane found a vendor for the Koozies.  It was voted to purchase 1000 koozies/ promotional items

f.)     Program/guest – Dave Bathartholomew talked about the Bright Firemen’s Festival.  This is the Firemen’s largest fundraiser.  He thanked the Bright Area Business Associations for their efforts.  Many people come to Bright for the parade and the festivities at the festival.   There will be lots of food (the firemen’s popular chicken dinners), games, rides, and music.  There is something for everyone.  They have the dunking booth and it is in working order.  The Bright Area Business Association will be hosting the booth.  Terri and Diane are continuing to look for volunteers to work the booth and also many people to be the “dunkee.”  An hour of participation was recommended for each dunkee.  Dave and other agreed that many volunteers are needed some will not show up because of last minute commitments.

— Jim Mansfield reminded us of the Golf Outing that will benefit the Firemen.  Also, to thank Sugar Ridge for supporting the outing along with several local businesses.  Mansfield Insurance Agency is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Congratulations, Jim.

  1. Open issues & New Business
  • Continued conversations were about the Bright Festival and ways we can be of help. Time for membership dues.  Diane Bender had envelopes prepared for area businesses who may be interested in attending the July 8 and applications for membership.  They were divided among members who volunteered to deliver them to area businesses.
  • Ken Frey, who lives across from the festival, offered his yard for parking to Bright Area Business members who are working and attending the festival.
  • We need to ask Niki Campbell if she has the Bright Area Business Association sign from last year.  This will save us some money.
  • Members stayed for The Beacon’s ribbon cutting.

Drawing: Greg Cronwell won the potted plant door prize.

Next meeting will be at 8 am, Friday, July 8, 2011 at The Beacon.

  1. Adjournment

Bebe Kinnett adjourned the meeting at 9:15.

Minutes submitted by:  Kate Karaus