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Friday, May 12, 2023
BABA Agenda
Bright Lions
9:00 AM

Pledge of Allegiance


Bebe Kinnett (Absolute Web Marketing), Nicole Wuestefeld (Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home), Lonny Barnett/Tim Braun (Edward Jones), Nick Bader (First Financial Bank), Amy Fryman/Andy Schwegman (Friendship State Bank), Joni Helton (MaryKay Cosmetics), Gary Puckett (NDCP), Mike Perleberg (One Dearborn, Inc.), Andy Schindler (Schindler Wildlife Solutions LLC), Jeannette Huelseman (WorkOne Southeast)

The next meeting is a lunch on June 9th 12 pm, location to be determined

Old Business

2023 Board of Trustees
President                                      Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President/Social Media         Nick Bader
Secretary                                      Jeannette Huelseman
Treasurer                                      Kim Joerger
Membership Chair                        Mark Munchel

Treasury Report – Kim Joerger
  • $20,090.20
New Business

2023 Sponsorship–Nicole Wuestefeld

  • Friendship State Bank – Gold Sponsorship
  • First Financial Bank – Silver Sponsorship
  • Cincinnatus – joined as a Bronze Sponsorship

North Dearborn Community Park

Summary and Introduction–Nicole Wuestefeld

  • North Dearborn Elementary school was torn down and a group of people have gotten together to make it in a park; Gary Puckett, of the Fly Pod Cast to speak on the progress of North Dearborn Community Park
  • 501c3 was formed with a 3–person board: Brenda Wheat with Northbend Pattern Works, Joett Griewe, with Harrison Building and Zoning, and Bridget Hornbach with BDH Enterprises
  • Brenda Wheat is overseeing grant procurement
  • Bids are in and Lease agreement from Sunman Dearborn Community Schools has been worked out at no cost
  • Phase1: 8’ wide 1-mile paved track (local company bid winner for the track)
  • Phase 2: playground equipment including sensory activities (bid went to local company)
  • Future potentials: revitalizing baseball fields
  • Youth football fields will remain as they are currently being leased
  • Dog park development was raised, insurance premiums may be cost prohibitive
  • Sponsorship opportunities available $150, $250, $350
  • Donation Boxes equipped with QR Code capability to be placed in retail businesses
  • Additional Questions contact Brenda Wheat: ndcommunitypark@gmail.com; https://www.facebook.com/NDCommunityPark

May 15th Golf Outing- final meeting before the golf outing

  • Breakfast & Registration at 8 AM-donuts & juice provided by BABA; coffee provided by Hidden Valley
  • Teams Start at 10 AM
  • Hidden Valley providing lunch
  • Members were asked through the Newsletter for volunteer sign-up on Sign Up Genius as well as donations; response was low; some reported issues with Sign UP Genius
  • Ideally every member would donate something as a raffle item or goody bag
  • Current contributors:
    • Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home
    • George’s Pharmacy
    • At The Barn Winery-case of wine
    • Merrilees Hardware and Supply
    • Lonny Barnett-goody bags
    • Nick Bader
    • Joni Helton
    • Golf Course gives discounted round of golf
  • Lonny Barnett reports on teams and sponsorship
    • Target is 20 teams currently at 14; waiting on about five to commit
    • Revenna is a sponsor
    • 12K for sponsorships and teams
    • Mulligans $20/teams
    • Gold Tees $5
    • Slide show is ready
    • Nicole to pick up donuts—currently have 56 golfers; plan for 64 plus workers
    • Drink tickets provided by BABA-two per player
    • Numbers corresponding with door prizes given at beginning to allow players to find their prizes as they return

Parade is 7/29

  • Tamara has parade route approval by Sheriff; will present to commissioners on 5/16 for final approval
  • East Central Band confirmed participation
  • Discuss with businesses about customer appreciation day
  • Lonny-talked to Kona Ice-it is $200 for first hour and $100 for each additional; gives a little cup with ice
    Some vendors think they will be working the festival
  • Lonny talking with owners of the butcher shop and deli about membership-they are struggling with getting suppliers and participating in their grand opening
  • D&G Gunshop has moved to their new location-Lonny offered to do a ribbon cutting with them, they open at 4 PM
  • Lonny still has open spot next to him; one person was looking at it for a bakery