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Friday, May 10, 2024
Location: Bright Lion’s Club

June Meeting
Date/Time: June 14, 2024 at 12 PM
Location: One More Bar & Grill

Nicole Wuestefeld called the meeting to order.
Members recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sign in sheet was circulated. Members present:

Bebe Kinnett-Absolute Web Marketing
Nicole Wuestefeld-Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home
Jody Blasdel-Blasdel
Jen Johnson-Casey’s Outdoor Solutions & Florist
Lonny Barnett/Tim Braun-Edward Jones
Nick Bader-First Financial Bank
Amy Fryman/Kim Stock-Friendship State Bank
Tonya Wolfe-Preferred Rate Mortgage
Larry Shideler-Union Center Blvd Merchant Association (UCBMA)
Jeannette Huelseman-WorkOne Southeast
Guest: Hunter Hensley-Probiz

Members and guest shared their name, businesses and about their product or service.

Old Business

2024 Board of Trustees

President             Nicole Wuestefeld
Vice President     Nick Bader
Secretary             Jeannette Huelseman
Treasurer             Kim Joerger
Membership         Mark Munchel
Golf Chair             Lonny Barnett
Member at Large  Bebe Kinnett
Member at Large  Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath

2024 Sponsorships 

  • Friendship State Bank & Insurance – Gold Sponsorship
  • Synergy Labor Solutions– Bronze Sponsorship
  • Cincinnatus– Bronze Sponsorship

Nicole: Thank you to Friendship State Bank & Friendship Insurance for being our 2024 Gold Sponsor. We recently added Synergy Labor Solutions as Bronze Sponsor and Cincinnatus as a Bronze Sponsor so we are super excited to have them on board with us.

Treasurer’s Report
Nick Bader, Vice President/Treasurer:
Beginning Balance:  $14,965.59
Revenues:                    2,165.00 Memberships/Sponsorships
Expenses:                         35.00 Website
Ending Balance:       $19,898.89

Membership Report – Nicole for Dr. Mark Munchel
We have 43 paid members for this year, I think that is outstanding! We are doing really well in that area.
Lonny: Add two more to that we received Dan Cross, CPA and Bright Four Seasons

New Business

Bright Parade

Saturday, July 27th starts at 10 AM
We have started working on the planning:

  • Bright Christian Church parking lot for the setup and start of the parade
  • Sherriff, Shane McHenry has approved the route
    • Bright Christian Church to the Firehouse-that will be the same route as last year
  • We have the Grand Marshalls
    • Kenzie & Patty Bentle-Kenzie lead East Central marching band for many years during it’s heyday

A couple years ago, we had many businesses come out and have a Customer Appreciation Day that coincided with the parade. We did not see much of that last year. We encourage businesses to do something like 10% off, Shift had some inflatables and games to draw people in…I would like to see more of that happening and something we might start to encourage people to do.

We will be looking for volunteers to help with the parade effort so if anyone is interested just shoot me an email: Nicole Wuestefeld nmwuestefeld@gmail.com.

Tonya Wolfe raised a question about distributing a Customer Appreciation Day flyer to customer.
Nicole raised the question of  delivering Parade flyers to be posted at businesses and mentioning Customer Appreciation Day.
Tonya proposed to deliver flyers, mention Customer Appreciation Day then follow-up later with a reminder flyer about Customer Appreciation Day.
Nicole agreed that it was a good idea and asked Nick if Jessie could create a half page Customer Appreciation Day flyer, Nick agreed.
Jody asked about the registration papers, he has the box, he will look to see if he has any papers in there.
Nicole: People are already asking how to join and get involved.

Bright Nights Concert Series

This is the first night of the series. It is being held behind George’s Pharmacy and Vitor’s. Tonight Craig Quick is playing.

  • Three food trucks-Food Trucks 6-10 PM, all BABA members:
    • Chad Barrett (Quad Que) & Beer
    • Carlena Lockhart (Mingles Soft Serve)
    • Vitor Abreu (Vitor’s Bistro)
    • Alcohol Food Truck
  • Music by Craig Quick 7-9 PM
  • BABA will pay for the music, but 10% of the food truck sales will come back to BABA for donation to local non-profits at the end of the year
  • Future music on the 2nd Friday of month
    • June 14 with Steve Fischer
    • July 12 with Josh Wells
    • Possibly add July 27 after the Bright Parade
    • August 9 with Steve Fischer
  • People are reaching out form Facebook posts offering music and food trucks.
    • If you have Facebook account please share the information about the BABA events

Golf Outing 

Monday, May 20 at the Hidden Valley Golf Club
Door prizes, golfer bag items are needed and can be dropped off at Lonny’s office
Sign up genius was sent out, will send out again
Can sign up on the website

Lonny Barnett- We are up 18 teams, 16 confirmed with checks. I have a couple of others in the works, we hope to get to 20. We got a lot of hole sponsorships this week. I did a good size deposit in the bank this week. I got a lot of help from Amy Fryman, she just filled my truck up with give-a-ways, goody bags. Rincks Store dropped off some raffle items, Casey’s, I received Nicole’s and Amy dropped one last week and Merrilees has one. Debbie has a case of wine again this year.

A question was raised on how many raffle items they need…we would like to have the majority of players get something. For 20 teams that would be 80 people, but we wouldn’t expect that many.

A question was raised about split the pot. We cannot do it without a gambling license, which we do not have.

Lonnie: We decided to do the grab and go lunch that players can get their lunch around lunch time. This was shared with Willie’s.

Breakfast discussion was raised. Amy has someone who will pick up donuts from Schmidt Bakery and 1 gallon of orange juice.

Nicole: Goody bags will be placed on the golf carts. We need volunteers for registration and hole sponsor placements; people on the 18th tee. Jeannette, Larry, Amy and Jen volunteered to assist where needed.

We anticipate being done around 2-2:30 PM.