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October 11, 2019

The meeting was opened by Debby Stutz with a thank you to Chef Vitor and Heather Abreu for hosting the lunch meeting. Vitor fired up the Food Truck and lunch was very delicious.

Nicole Wuestefeld led introductions around the room.

Since Treasurer Joe Alig took a new job in Batesville, a new treasurer was needed to finish out the year.  The Leadership Team highly recommended Kim Joerger, owner of Tri Force Fitness to fill the position.  A motion to vote on Kim fulfilling the Treasurers position was made by Debby Stutz, 2nd by Jim Kinnett.  Motion carried.

A Thank you from the organizers of Charleighstrong event was passed around.  Thanking BABA members for their participation in the successful fundraiser.

Treasurers report: Kim Joerger reported that very little activity had happened in either checking account in the last 3 months.  A balance had not been made available to her at this time.

Membership-no report.

Secretary report:  There was no official meeting in September.  The meeting was an afterhours event. At The Barn Winery hosted.

There was much discussion about the Community Impact Auction to be held at the VFW Hall on Lawrenceburg Rd., November 2.  A plea for donations to auction was made as well as people to volunteer the evening of the event.

Golf Outing: Date is set for May 18.

In Attendance:

Nicole Wuestefeld- Wuestefeld Funeral Home

Kim Joeger-Tri Force Fitness

Jim Kinnett-Kinnett Consulting Group

Heather Abreu-Vitors Urban Vistro

Vitor Abreu-Vitors Urban Vistro

Doris Gibbons-Gibbon Insurance

Debby Stutz- At The Barn Winery

Lisa Cox- JDC Construction