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August Newsletter

We were represented at Bright Fest the last weekend of July. I passed out flyers with all of our members and their contact information. We had a banner at the Bright Spot booth and I talked to many about what and who we are. People are very happy and impressed that we have taken the initiative to do this.

Our website has been up and running now for over a month. Here are the stats:

207 visitors
29 return visitors

196 Homepage
74 Directory
50 Membership
49 Coupons
45 About
24 Membership Form
22 Festival announcement

I would love to know if you get any coupons back…..please send me an e-mail so we can track it.

We are going to have another ad in the Bright Beacon for the September issue. This is the first one of the new format so people will be interested in the new appearance (it’s in color also).
I need to know by NO LATER than Aug 6th if you are going to want to participate. The cost will be no greater than $20. Closer to $10, I think. I will have a definitive number on Aug 7th Please let me know if you want to be on it. You can drop the money off to Merchants Bank. ATTN: Martin next week when I send you the cost.

I am going to be working on a Facebook Page for us also. If your business doesn’t have one……you should. It’s free and it works!!! I created one personally last month and have gotten 6 new customers (and their families).

We have begun working on “FallFest 2011”. If you are interested in being on the committee …please let me know. I need volunteers. This is something that is going to take a lot of planning but we have over a year. It will be wonderful exposure for our town and businesses within.

Most importantly…..I need help from you in recruiting new members. Please tell your friends…colleagues, neighbors. I cannot stress this enough. Talk to people! We can do more together. Strength in numbers.

Remember…..our meetings are always the 1st Tuesday of every month at Sugar Ridge Golf Club. 8am. Hope to see you then.

Niki Campbell