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The Bright Fireman’s Festival is coming up on July 23rd, 24th and 25th. We are going to have representation at the Bright Spot booth since I will be there most of the time anyway. I will hand out directories & let Bright know what we are doing!

We are also getting tumblers printed up with the BABA Logo and website.  Those will be for sale at the beer booth. I am also having t-shirts made for my people to wear at the festival with Bright Spot and BABA’s logo on it.

The website is being worked on, however, I have more people on the “interested in participating list” than I do membership forms. I have to get directories printed up and your business will only be named if you are a member. I have attached a membership form. You can drop it off at the Café or Merchants Bank (attn: Martin)

The same goes for the Beacon ad. Deadline is June 7. I have also attached a list for that ad. If you want to be added, please let me know asap. You have 3 lines. For instance….Bright Spot Café, Brightspotcafe.vp.web.com, 812/637-8200.

Also, Celeste is being kind enough to run another announcement for us in the Beacon.

I met with Paul from the Chamber Of Commerce and he has offered any BABA member $50 off of Dearborn Co Chamber Of Commerce. He also gave us (BABA) a free membership. Thank you, Paul.

There is a golf outing coming up to raise money for The Firemen and EMS. I got an e-mail about it that I am going to forward to you.

Any ideas or suggestions are always welcomed! Next meeting is on Tues July 6th. Please try to make it.

Niki Campbell

BABA President